Interview of Christophe Tavernier,

co-founder Euronixa*


Can you quickly introduce yourself, who are you? Your background?

Christophe Tavernier, survivor of several technological revolutions since 2005 linked to the arrival of the internet in the real and financial economy.

Former expert in provident and wealth management in Paris, partner since 2014 in an asset management company that develops a POC for Alternative Management of Numerical Assets, such as financial and real estate assets.

Nowadays, I am the initiator in Brussels of a European Blockchain consortium at the service of SMEs: Euronixa*.

Euronixa stands for European Network Information eXchange Area.

Can you introduce us to Euronixa?  

Euronixa is a network bringing together entrepreneurs, whether they are developers, researchers, lawyers, managers, financiers, inventors or watchmen.

The common point between these different backgrounds is the desire to improve trust, regulation, the exchange of good business practices and good digital conduct regarding open innovation and when it comes to technological collaboration.


What is the purpose of a consortium? What do you think it brings to the blockchain? 

Our raison d'etre is to develop the autonomy of our SMEs and start-ups, by providing them with a know-how concerning the change of scale and by providing them with commercial and financial know-how to accelerate their projects whatever their sector. As Scale Up Studio, this allows us to better explore the economic, social, ecological, ethical aspect of a technology as disruptive as blockchain.

Such a change requires an experimental willingness on the part of states and the public sector, which remains the main institutional sector benefiting from digital decentralization. The key to this change is vocational training, a small business act in European public procurement and public-private partnerships for long-term, sustainable development.

In view of the recent epidemic, do you think that telework will become  the norm? 

Telework is a new challenge that the Internet poses to us in our social, patrimonial and human relationship with work. But it is also a historic opportunity to attract and convince talent in a re-founded entrepreneurial ecosystem. Contrary to what some seem to think, this new paradigm was already present long before containment.

I have been practicing globalized and localized teleworking for 15 years in Asia, Europe and the Pacific! Teleworking offers significant advantages in terms of budget. It is indeed less expensive than paying for offices or financing regular air or rail travel.

We are currently witnessing the emergence of the use of long distance communication software such as Zoho Meeting or Jitsi VideoConferencing.For me the RV by the gamification that this one proposes is the future of telework.

For you, are the legal actors involved in the blockchain sector? 

Legal and administrative platforms such as courts or chambers of commerce are lagging behind. The banking sector is aware of what is at stake and especially of the possible danger that such a technology represents and is at the cutting edge, far ahead of the insurance sector for example.  

To make up for this delay, it is anticipating takeovers of start-ups and incubator programmes to give them bricks and mortar and a blockbuster culture.

Without unanimously recognized diplomas or certifications, how do you manage to sort through the different candidates today ?  

We are only looking for entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial profiles, able to work anywhere in the world and respecting our European charter of good entrepreneurial practices and good digital conduct. This charter is essential and in my opinion represents Euronixa's values.

Do you personally own cryptocurrencies ?  

My answer for the possession will be differentiating YES VERY EVIDENTALLY ! but only through the advantageous fiscal environment of the life insurance, made possible by the Pact law since 2019( ) 

Euronixa's vision in 3 words ?


Welcome to European Network Information eXchange Area Euronixa.
The fact that you’re reading this means you’re ready to think about applying one of the most transformative technologies available for business today... blockchain.


Blockchain technologies are driving disruption in multiple industries including:

Insurance, Legal, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Travel, Human resources, Pharma, Education, Media and entertainment, Banking and fintech, Real estate, Supply chain, management, Digital advertising..

With so many new and exciting advances in blockchain, there has never been a better time to leverage this emerging technology. We at Euronixa consortium are meant to provide you with insights and best practices on all of the topics you’ll need to address when founding a network, including brand new content on smart contracts, tokens, and legal considerations.

While Bitcoin has unleashed interest in using distributed technology, the real long-term potential of blockchain lies inits ability to help organizations exploit the immutability and provenance of shared data, transact broadly with one another, and retain privacy and security for their data.

EURONIXA is a European ( peer to peer ) network Information eXchange Area for developers, brokers, auditors, lawyers, consultants, experts and advisers to support the digital transformation of companies and territories, especially in Europe Middle East & Africa.

We’re assuming you understand the basics of blockchain technology and know that a permissioned blockchain for business network is far different than bitcoin. Throughout this handbook, when we talk about “blockchain” we are referring exclusively to “permissioned blockchain” unless stated otherwise. 

Blockchain for business is poised to transform many of the world’s most fundamental business processes, opening the door to new styles of digital interactions that vastly reduce the cost and complexity of getting things done.

Registered as a European consortium under European Law, we build strong agreements  with selected blockchain technology from a range of industry leaders to create a new breed of blockchain suitable for business use across industries and the regulatory environments they operate in.

To build a European platform for Small Business Act Development, we are inviting in Brussels, a board of trustees in charge of designing and overseeing our consortium protocoles of consensus  of the following issues : Information exchange authorization, Smart contracts and time-locked wallets, Secure identity verification, Secure distributed storage, Cross-border business finances, Cyber attack prevention, Compliance with GDPR and SOX.

From engagements with over 20 partners & agents in EMEA and over 3 blockchain networks that have graduated to active states, we’ve helped our members  learn what it takes to go from a good idea on paper to a value- producing blockchain network.

A distributed ledger is a type of database that’s shared, replicated and synchronized among the members of a decentralized network. It records transactions, such as the exchange of assets or data, among participants in the network.

We offer a global offer and a label of operational and strategic excellence in terms of digital maturity, in particular for the protection of investors, entrepreneurs and all stakeholders data.

Euronixa's ambition is to eXplore and Scale up innovative insurance, funding and wealth management solutions & experiences, whether they are financial, real estate, land investment, fiduciary management and fluid relations with neo-banks, news forms of asset management ... and in general, all actors of value intermediation via the web 3.0. in order to Scale up the emergence of the digital economy in Europe Middle East and Africa.

Our mission is to to achieve the objectives of sustainable development by simplifying small businesses’ adoption of blockchain technology and its integration into their specific business applications and products.

We believe that the applications of the future will maintain individual data sovereignity and operate across interconnected blockchain networks enabling seamless independent user interactions.